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Tatty's    Dream    World

Welcome to my Fucking world bitch!!

Hello World! I'm Tatty, just in case you give a fuck. I live in the stupid town of Bardstown, KY and if you've ever been here, you'd probably agree with me. If not, DON'T COME!!!...we've already got all the tourists we need. I'm 21 years old and I'm only a freshman in college still. But I've taken some breaks here and there and ended up in Tucson, AZ for a while to work as a carpet cleaning mgr., but I got fired or something like that. Anyways, I love girls and beer...those two just make the perfect combination for some reason. But....the more beers I drink...the more girls I love, if you know what I mean.... The thing I enjoy to do the most is listen to FILTER! To me, FILTER kicks everyone in the ass with kick ass noise and rippin' beats. Still, I have to admit, Nine inch Nails kick ass too..along with KoRn, Deftones, White Zombie, Sevendust.....especially Pantera!!! Fuck all that Metallica..Nirvana...Bare Naked Ladies bullshit....all that shit is, is nonsense; a lame excuse to get on that shitty FUCKING network they so proudly call, MTV, which Spydurman and I so dearly HATE. MTV is nothing but a bunch of PUSSY ass TREND setting mother FUCKERS and the people who bow down to them are a bunch of FAGGOT loving bastard bitches who are usless on this earth, and for all I care, can DIE and live with the eighties, cause that's all it is in my point of view.....the music today that is so popular is going to go DOWN just like the eighties music did you bunch of wanna be PUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway........I admit, I've gone off on a tangent...I do that shit sometimes.. Well, to describe myself...I'm about 5'8 and weigh around 146. I don't lift weights as much as Spydurman, but I'm planning on getting back into lifting before I move down to Florida to go to school at a film and media program called Full Sail. I'm going to be a director someday, so remember the name Tatty and Spydurman cause we're going to be famous one day....guaranteed or your money back nigga.

Any questions or comments, just write me at