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There have been filthy bastards visit this site!!

Hey bastard,this is our FILTER and other shit homepage.

If you like FILTER, then you will like this damn page. We will frequently update this page with different FILTER related shit! And since it's our damn page, we may put some shit about other bands, movies, cars, or just some crap we think is cool. So be a good fukker and tell everyone to come and check us out!!! In case you haven't noticed, some of the shit on this page may be offensive to some people who don't like this type of language, pictures, or what the fuck ever! So just to be on the safe side you should be at least 69 years old before you access this page. Well, it's a good thing for the fukkin' constition! So if your one of them Hanson lovers and don't like what the fuck me and Tatty have to say, turn your ass around and go to the Disney page or what the fuck ever floats your boat.

Here are some of the different sections on our page:

If you don't know who FILTER is, or if you just want to see what the fuk we have to say about them, you need to go to our "Shit About FILTER" section. If you are curious to know what a FILTER fan looks like, we have some pics of various FILTER fans in our "friggin' FILTER Fan page'o pics." Tatty and I go on some crazy adventures. Every once and a while, we have a camera handy to catch shit when it happens, so here is a page devoted to that... Crazy Adventure Page. If you are into lifting wieghts, and working out and shit, you should check out "Spydurman's road to 230." It has some shit about my workout plan, and my progress as of now. If you aren't into that shit, find something else on here! There is something for everyone! If you liked this damn page, or if you didn't, I don't care, you should go and check out all of the pages in our Links Page. There are some real fukkin' cool sites there!!

Hey fukkers!! If you want to know a little more about Spydurman, check out Spydur Bio or check out Tatty at Tatty's Bio, or just check out the rest of our page!!

Hey, just hold your damn balls on!!! We aren't finished with this freakin' page yet!! Come back REAL soon and it will be better!!!!! But while your at it, sign our guest book so we'll know what ya' think!!

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