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Who in the fuk is FILTER?????

A brief description of FILTER, the world's best band!!!

So, you say "Who in the fuck is this FILTER band they are raising all hell about????" Well, let Tatty and I drop some FILTER knowledge on your ass nigga' !!!!!!!!! FILTER was formed after the NIN: downward spiral Album was estabished. The way I took it from the lead singer, Richard Patrick, is that Trent Reznor was a money hoggin' mutha' fucka and didn't give his live band as much credit as they deserve...I could be wrong though, but that's the way I took it, so if you don't like it, then ..FUCK YOU, MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN PAGE!!!!! Back to FILTER though....They started out with two people; Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang. They released an album in April of '95 called 'Short Bus' and since then, it's gone platinum, which is pretty good for a band that's never on MTV or the radio. After the record came out, they went on a long ass tour that lasted 'til the end of '96....including some performances w/ Lollapallooza '95; White Zombie; Smashing Pumpkins; and Ozzy Osbourne...That just goes to show how fucking awesome this fucking band is!!!!!!!! The past few years, though, they've been releasing some kick ass songs on soundtracks, including; 'Tales Form the Crypt: Demon Knight,' 'X-files: The Key to Inspiration,' 'The Crow: City of Angels,' 'Cable Guy,' 'Spawn: the Motion Picture,' and 'The X-Files movie Soundtrack' ; so you see that they accomplished a hell of a lot for how long that they've been out mother fuckers......and now Richard's working on a second album, tentatively called Abyssian Son bitch!!! It's going to be the SHIZZIT!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...Brian Liesegang left after they fininshed "TLID" on the Spawn soundtrack. He wanted to go his own direction, so he started a band called "Ashtar Command". Sounds kind of KoRny? But I wish him the best of luck with it! The new album should be out in Feb. of 1999. So keep a look out fukkers!!! If you want some in depth FILTER facts, then check out the best FILTER page on the web, Hubka's FILTER online !! You can get all the latest news, pics, or whatever the fuck you want there!! Or if your into talking about FILTER and have an opinion you want to share, check out the FILTER Discusion Group!