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FILTER always puts the fans first, so I am too.

This page is devoted specifically to FILTER fans, and that's it! Here you can find some pics of FILTER fans, and maybe some shit about them!! So check them all out, and if you're interested in getting your pic on here, there is one thing that you have to do first.....SEND ME a FUKKIN' PIC!!!!!!! The more FILTER paraphernalia you have in the pic, the better!!!

Naturally, since it is my damn page, this first pic is of me, Sam. Known as Spydurman and Puff-sammy. Here is some INFO about me: Name: Sam From?:Bardstown, KY Hobbies: Listening to FILTER all of the fukin' time, wieght lifting, mountain biking, going to FILTER concerts, music, basketball, and just doing whatever I feel like doing ya' bastard! Hieght: 5'11" Wieght: 210 lbs. Race: American There, if you want to know anything else, go to my damn biopage!! Here's the pic, it's the same as my bio, but I will change that soon. My PIC

Next up is Tatty. This bastard is responsible for me meeting Richard Patrick!! Tatty is from Bardstown too. Tatty up close and personal

This next FILTER fan we all know as Hubka. Hubka is the shit because he runs the best FILTER page on the web. If you haven't seen his page yet, you should definetly go and check it out!! Look under my links section for a direct link. But for all of you wanting to know who the man behind the best fukin' FILTER page on the web is, let me introduce The Notorious H.U.B.K.A. himself, HUBKA 3:16......


OH Man, and this mack-daddy right here is responsible for bringing all of us FILTER fans together on the FILTER Discussion Group. In fact, if it hadn't been for him, you probably would have never even seen my page!! It may not even be here!! So if you get a chance, thank this guy sometime. But without further delay, here's Jason Wark:

The Warkster

OK, next up is Stu. Stu is from New Jersey and is sometimes known as Sfilter350. Let's give it up for Stu!!


And coming in at guard, a 5'11" Senior, oops, sorry....I mean, here's the one we call Kralizec. His Mom know him as Jon Faerber. Kralizec helps Hubka out a lot on the FILTER chats...


Now we have Jim Howrdsmith aka Faraway.


Send in some more pics everyone!!!!!!!!!